Five key resources to help you make the most of digital marketing

If you search for “free digital marketing guides” on Google, you will get an amazing 8,840,000 results. So, where to start when looking for ideas for your company? To make it a little easier, we suggest our list of favorite sites for advice and guidance:

1. To really understand how webpage measurement criteria work, this Hubspot blog , a marketing software provider, paves the way through all that jargon with five measurement criteria that every marketing manager should know. Using Google Analytics to analyze your website is essential to obtain first and foremost important data to understand who visits your website and why, and to help you decide if you have to make any changes. This is also applicable to any other tool that incorporates the web analysis function; A good rule to follow when choosing online marketing tools is to make sure that they include this feature.

2. To get the latest news and take a look at what others are doing, read eConsultancy regularly , a website with many tips and in-depth information about marketing and digital commerce. If you do not have time for this, see the section ” 10 interesting digital marketing statistics we’ve seen this week “, which appears every Friday.

3. To improve your knowledge, download our guide How to make the most of QR codes . It is a free guide for anyone who wants to learn how to promote their company and grow their business using QR. Full of useful information, this guide shows you the steps that companies that want to make the best use of digital marketing should follow.

4. Track your links with Bitly . It is mainly used to shorten URL addresses, but it also allows you to obtain real-time information on how many people and who are clicking on your links. It’s a fantastic way to see which of the content you post on sites like Twitter or Facebook (or even on your blog) are more popular.

5. Learn to write content that gets a good search engine ranking with this simple but complete Copyblogger guide . Search engine optimization can be highly complicated and Google often changes the criteria, but everyone wants their website to have a good positioning. This guide will show you how search engines work and what you can do to improve your positioning.

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