Why Us?

Introducing pbSmart ™ Essentials
The rapid acceleration in the use of the digital format offers companies many more communication options with their customers than in the past. However, coordinating successful campaigns between different platforms, creating websites and knowing what is the most appropriate means to communicate with each client can be complicated and require a great investment of time and money.

pbSmart Essentials is a set of simple and safe digital tools that facilitate the realization of multisport campaigns of great impact with a lower investment.

From QR codes and email marketing to sending remote mailings and developing mobile websites, we have made the difficult easy so that companies of any size and structure can take full advantage of the latest technologies in the marketing and promotion of their products and services.

Why choose Pitney Bowes?

Trusted Partner
Pitney Bowes has been focusing on business communications since 1902. We know how to convey the right message through the right medium and at the right time.

Low cost
No contracts – pay for tools when and how you want.

Ease of creation – our simple tools will allow you to develop marketing campaigns from scratch in a matter of hours.

Great value – a campaign with QR codes can cost you just € 3.99 per month.

Step by step – all pbSmart Essentials tools apply a “step by step” methodology to create campaigns.

No complications – we take care of data protection, technical specifications and shipping requirements so you only have to focus on the content.

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