Spanish SMEs approve in technological equipment, but most still fail to apply it to online marketing

Small and medium-sized Spanish companies have been updated on ICT equipment (Technology, Information Technology and Communications), but they are not taking advantage of these tools to reach more customers and generate more sales. This is the conclusion that the company Pitney Bowes has reached after analyzing the data of several studies carried out in Spain, on the occasion of the presentation of its online marketing tools pbSmartEssentials ™.

Currently, almost all Spanish SMEs have a PC and 84.5% have an Internet connection . More than half (55.3%) also have a web page [1] . This is a great evolution compared to ten years ago, when only 55% of national companies accessed the network [2] . Also the most recent devices, such as smartphones and tablets , are present in most SMEs and one in three uses some ERP or CRM management software .

However, Spanish SMEs suspend the use of these tools to perform online marketing actions . The email remains the main (and often only) tool of digital marketing for 91% of SMEs. The rest of the channels are little used. In fact, 45% of SMEs acknowledge that they do not have an online marketing strategy and 60% point out that their employees lack knowledge on this matter [3] .

This explains, for example, that only 42.7% of small and medium-sized businesses have a blog , that 49% say that mobile phones are part of their marketing investment, but 40% do not have a mobile version of your website, and less than 10% have ever hired search engine advertising .

As for the use of QR codes , only 16% of companies use them [4] and 68% manage them internally, without professional support. 10% of SMEs see it as an opportunity to invest in mobile solutions during the year, where only 8% have a website optimized for mobile phones and 7% want to invest in mobile payment solutions.

Small and medium enterprises that want to overcome these shortcomings and carry out effective and profitable online marketing actions have services such as pbSmartEssentials . It is a set of digital marketing tools that provides SMEs with everything they need to reach their customers in an effective and attractive way in order to generate sales and build loyalty. You can hire from only 3.99 euros per month and include the following services:

• pbSmart ™ Codes : allows mobile marketing campaigns with QR codes (Quick Response) efficiently and professionally with minimal cost. It offers the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to create a web page optimized for mobile devices and achieve more visibility.

• pbSmart ™ Connections : is a tool that allows companies to generate, send and manage email marketing campaigns.

Ryan Higginson, vice president of Digital Channels in Europe at Pitney Bowes, says that “UK companies lose 143,000 million euros every year in unrealized sales due to insufficient use of marketing tools, materializing only 39% of planned activities, according to a study [5] we did in that country. In Spain, the situation may be even worse, because the use of online marketing channels by SMEs is lower as the data reveals, although it is the best way to attract customers and generate business. Services such as pbSmart Essentials provide the competitive advantage necessary to take advantage of that lost sales potential. ”

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