6 Healthcare Marketing Ideas to Cure Your Social Media Woes

Healthcare Marketing

Almost half of the world’s population is now active on social media. Today, social media is not just a platform for friends and family to stay in touch. This is where people search for recommendations and even for healthcare providers. In the healthcare industry, social media helps to engage patients, promote new partner relationships and improve the credibility of doctors. Social media is known to increase patient satisfaction and boost brand reputation.

  1. Make Wellness a Lot More Fun– Health is a serious matter, but that does not mean your brand has to be dull. You can be creative with your healthcare marketing campaigns and convince your clients they don’t have to dread a visit to your practice. You can host monthly quizzes, dares and competitions that persuade people to take an active part in their healthcare plan. You can encourage people to make one healthy change to their lifestyle each month and document it on social media.


  1. Go Viral by Appealing to Community Values – Social media is all about building effective relationships. The key to successful healthcare marketing is knowing how to engage the community in a way that is positive for your brand. For instance, partnering with a charity on a campaign could be the perfect way to show your patients how much you care about them.
  2. Be a Source of Helpful Information – One of the things that make illness so scary is the fact that we don’t understand them. When people look for a doctor, they’re looking for someone to help them to fight against problems they may know very little about. Use your social media page to share blogs and case studies that might help your patients to answer complicated questions about disease prevention and healthcare.
  3. Embrace the Infographic – While it is essential to share information as part of your marketing campaigns, it is also crucial to share it in an easily digestible way for your followers. Create content for people that don’t know much about healthcare. When it comes to creating accessible content, visuals are often the easiest way to connect with your followers.

Social Media Woes

  1. Use Employee Advocates to Build Relationships – More than any other industry; the medical industry relies on relationships. Illness is scary, and patients want to feel comfortable with the doctor they choose. Nurses, doctors and even administrative staff interact with patients every day. Therefore, engaging team with the help of an employee advocacy campaign can be a great way to bring more humanity to your healthcare practice.
  2. Empower Your Patients to Market for You – Patient reviews can be a fantastic way to improve the credibility of your medical practice and boost visibility. Sending out surveys to patients after they have visited your practice and even asking them for feedback online is a great way to build up. Video testimonials of patients are also incredibly moving.


6 Healthcare Marketing Ideas to Cure Your Social Media Woes
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