8 Basic Rules To Promote Your Company In An Event

If you are the owner of a company of any size, you have probably attended fairs or exhibitions as a means of promoting your business to customers or suppliers. But before signing up for the next event, there are some things you should know. Below we provide you with our 8 basic rules to help you promote your business properly in the next fair or event in which you participate.

During the event:
1) Do not hire a stand the first year. The first time you go to a fair or exhibition, simply participate in it to see the environment. The stands of fairs or exhibitions cost a lot of money, so it is important that you first investigate the terrain a bit. It is essential to ensure that there is a good representation of potential clients among the participants and also try to speak with some exhibitors to see if they think the event is a worthwhile investment.

2) Give visibility to your brand. Both your stand and your team must actively promote your business. In addition to having an attractive stand and with the brand clearly visible, create brochures that indicate the location of your stand or gift set to attract visitors to your stand. You could even have specific uniforms with your brand, with a clear message, to attract the attention of the participants.

3) Invest in a professional image at fairs or exhibitions. Investing in a professionally designed stand and in some mower or rollup is always worth it. An enara could highlight your specialty aimed at a particular niche and another show general information about your company. Be sure to include flashy claims and QR codes that encourage your audience to continue participating immediately and actively from your exhibition material.

4) Have gifts or gifts . Promotional gifts are a great way to start conversations and interactions with attendees and get contact information. Candies, pencils, mouse pads, t-shirts, key chains, etc. with your brand … the possibilities are unlimited. You could even buy electronic devices like Kindles, iPads or mp3 players to get around them. Be creative, everyone likes gifts.

5) Prepare FAQ (frequently asked questions) for your team. A list or protocol for frequently asked questions will ensure that all members of your team know how to answer these questions and keep the sales process running smoothly. You could write the answers in common, so that all the people who visit your stand receive the same answers.

6) Establish several ways to collect contact information. You can use data collection sheets, an urn to save business cards for a raffle, a card scanning machine or the QR code reader of your mobile to collect information on site and then add it to your electronic database …

7) The location of the stand is vital. Ask for a map of the exhibition site and choose the location of your stand strategically. The end of one of the three central rows of the enclosure is usually a good place.

8) Do not forget to use social networks. Advertise your presence in the event through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Be sure to include the hashtag of the event, this will not only give you more visibility, but will also help you start contacts with potential new clients or people related to your sector.

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